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 Living In Service to Spirit

About Soul-Centric, Ltd.

Hello and welcome, I'm glad Spirit has brought you here!  My name is Rowynn and I am the owner of Soul-Centric,Ltd. and co-creatrix of The Soul-Cenrtic Sisterhood.  I have been in service to spirit as a priestess, healer, and teacher for over twenty years and it is a privilege to continue this incredible journey with spirit and my clients.  In all my years in business, I have never advertised.  Instead, I trust that spirit will send exactly who is meant to work with me.  So if you're here, know that you're welcome and right where you're meant to be. 


In my work, I combine ancient healing practices with contemporary knowledge to provide an array of holistic and integrative healing modalities for spirit, mind, and body. My offerings include a wide range of therapeutic bodywork, spiritual life coaching, hypnosis, deathcare, and more.  I am dedicated to providing a safe, non-judgmental space to meet you where you are and best support your unique journey toward spiritual growth, health, and overall well-being. 

Besides the privilege of doing my soul work for a living, I am incredibly lucky to work with my best friend and soul-sister, Willow.  For years, we shared a dream of working with other priestesses and healers in a soul-centric community and thus, Soul-Centric Sisterhood was born.  To learn more about the sisterhood and what services are offered, click the button below.

My Mission

Soul-Centric, Ltd. is dedicated to supporting others through Spiritual Awakenings and their Healing journeys.   We honor the sovereignty of the soul and strive to live soul-centric while empowering others to do the same. 

My Vision

To remember who we truly are and live every moment Soul-Centric.

Spirit-led, heart-centered, & fully embodied.

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